Wednesday, December 18, 2013

NEW BOOK - 521: The Story of Ted Williams' Home Runs

My latest book is out.

521: The Story of Ted Williams' Home Runs.

It's a thick one. 369 pages. Not quite a page a home run, but there's a lot packed into those pages. Where he hit it. Who he hit it off. The age of the pitcher and whether he was a lefty or a righty. The game situation at the time. Where the ball went.

“Hitting a baseball – I’ve said it a thousand times – is the single most difficult thing to do in sport.” – Ted Williams, The Science of Hitting 

“I wanted to be the hitter who could hit every pitch out of the park.” – Ted Williams, remembering himself at age 12 

“Boy, I feel great. There ain’t nothing like hittin’ a home run!” –  Ted Williams, quoted after winning the 1941 All-Star Game with a ninth-inning come-from-behind homer.

The book tells the story of each and every one of Ted's 521 homers in the majors. 

And I don't stop there.  I get into writing about his homers in the All-Star Games, in exhibition games, in spring training games, in the minor leagues, even in high school.  Anything I could think of regarding Ted Williams and home runs.  This is the place. 

Guess what?  The book is for sale, too!   You can get a hard copy from Amazon, or download an e-book.  

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