Saturday, December 21, 2013

Planning ahead for 2015, Fenway Park will host college football - Boston College vs. Notre Dame.  This harks back to days long gone by, when the park hosted dozens and dozens of college games.  It will be interesting to see another one.

The two teams apparently never did match off at Fenway, but Notre Dame played there against Dartmouth in 1944.  That year, Fenway hosted these football games:

September 26   Philadelphia Eagles 28, Boston Yanks 7 (professional football)
October 8            New York Giants 22, Boston Yanks 10 (professional football)
October 14          Notre Dame 64, Dartmouth 0 (college football)
October 15          Washington Redskins 21, Boston Yanks 14 (professional football)
October 28          Boston College 19, Syracuse 12 (college football)
November 19    Boston Yanks 13, Brooklyn Tigers 6 (professional football)

November 26    Holy Cross 30, Boston College 14 (college football)

That was the last time Notre Dame played at Fenway.

The last year B.C. played college football at Fenway was 1956:

November 2       Boston College 7, Villanova 6 (Football)
November 10    Quantico Marines 20, Boston College 6 (Football)
November 17    Boston College 13, Boston University 0 (Football)
November 24    Boston College 52, Brandeis 0 (Football)
December 1       Holy Cross 7, Boston College 0 (Football)

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